Monday, April 9, 2012

Growing Up & Bald

In just under a month this guy here who has always been called young will turn 32.
A lot has changed in a few short years. I'm now married with three stepchildren. And, for the first time in decades I now call Bridge City home. The only problem I'm having is I still weigh the same was I did in 1996 and I'm bald.
So trying to become more mature I recently got rid of the gas-guzzling SUV I have been driving around and I am now the proud owner of a Toyota Prius. (Let the jokes begin and the talk of taking away my Man Card can be next.)
Here is proof of the purchase:
Done laughing yet gentlemen?
I have had the car for two weeks on Monday and let me say it is the best purchase of my aging life.
I have put $41 in gas in the Hybrid in two weeks. The Dodge Nitro was costing me about $100 a week in gas. 
My wife Heather took me to see comedian Daniel Tosh this past Friday in Houston and the Prius proved its worth by only consuming about 1/3 a tank of gas during the trip. 
Still laughing?
I may be bald. I may still wear a few articles of clothing I wore in high school. 
What I don't do anymore is worry about looking pretty in a flashy vehicle. My smile comes at the pump these days.


  1. And where in the world did you purchase that fuel efficient car?